We're urban leaders who make a difference in public education!

USAA is a national organization of urban superintendents dedicated to the proposition that America is strong and vibrant because of its public school system.

The primary goal of USAA is to open windows to visionary ideas and concepts in urban education through shared experiences and research.

We believe that USAA can stimulate and support your efforts to get students excited about learning.

We believe...

  • That America must provide quality educational opportunities for all children;
  • That the best staff development opportunities are those afforded by people who are successful practitioners;
  • That professionalism means sharing expertise while nurturing and training future urban school leaders in a cost effective manner;
  • That America's schools can and will produce citizens that will make a difference in creating a positive future for our nation.

USAA provides its members with opportunities for professional development as well as functioning as an information network, providing a source for the most recent knowledge regarding urban school affairs at local, state or national levels. USAA provides frequent updates on those issues that impact on the daily operation of schools. USAA prepares position papers which are researched based and give the options for solving problems.

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Last update: July 31, 2016